We were originally pork butchers but now sell all kinds of meat, taking particular care to buy from local wholesalers. We also buy direct from local farmers, especially lambs when in season. Although we have a thriving retail trade in town we are also wholesalers to local caterers such as restaurants, public houses, residential homes, canteens, etc.Pies

Our most successful wholesale trade is pies where we supply all the above establishments but also local shops, sandwich bars, cafes, etc. Our range includes pork, pork & apple, pork & black pudding, meat, meat & onion, meat & potato, steak & kidney, chicken & mushroom, chicken curry and cheese & onion.

Our pork, beef and Cumberland sausages are made with original seasoning recipes that date back to 1879.

All fresh meat products bought in arrive by temperature controlled delivery and are probed to check for correct temperature ensuring freshness and quality.  All our sausages are home-made at our bakery using the original family recipes.  Our main selling sausages are beef, pork, chipolatas and Cumberland but other flavours are made during the summer barbecue months and over the Christmas festive period.  All our cooked meats are traditionally roasted at our bakery and do not contain additives.  Our 3 main sellers are beef, ham and pork.  A variety of burgers are made all year round but are particularly popular during the barbecue season when we also prepare kebabs and marinated meats.  We also have a small range of delicatessen on sale including pâtés and continental sausage.  We supply a small range of cheeses from Singleton’s, a local Creamery at Longridge near Preston. A wide range of groceries are sold at our Keirby Walk shop including Colemans sauces, Mrs Darlington’s chutneys and jams and Grandma Wilde’s biscuits and cakes.

Special Occasions

For special occasions or functions we also produce small beef patties and pork patties as well as medium and large pork pies. We also make 6 portion trays of meat and potato pie with a pastry crust. We require a few days’ notice for special requests.