Meat Packs

We have picked some of our most popular items and made up a few great value meat packs to pre-order for £22.99 per pack.

Meat Pack 1Meat Pack 1

1lb Mince Steak
1lb Back Bacon
10-12 Thin Pork Sausage
4 Chicken Fillets
1lb Frying Steak
6 Free Range Eggs
2 Pies (except steak & kidney)

Meat Pack 2

1lb Diced Steak
1lb Mince Steak
1lb Braising Steak
1lb Hand-made Quality Sausages
2 Chicken Fillets
2 Chicken Kievs

Meat Pack 3

1lb Salt and Pepper Chicken Strips
2 Chicken Kievs
1lb Mince Steak
4 Beef Burgers
1lb Quality Thin Pork Sausage
1lb Cheshire Oak Back Bacon