We make our own pies at our bakery on Marlborough Street and they are renowned throughout the Burnley & Pendle area. Our freshly made pies can be purchased from our Keirby Walk shop and bakery.


Special Occasions

For special occasions we also produce small beef patties and pork patties. We also make 6 generous portion trays of meat and potato pie with a pastry crust. We require a few days’ notice for special requests.

Our pie variety and prices are shown below.

Meat (beef)£1.65
Meat & Onion (beef)£1.65
Cheese & Onion£1.65
Pork & Black Pudding£1.70
Pork & Apple£1.70
Meat & Potato£1.80
Chicken & Mushroom£2.10
Chicken Curry£2.10
Steak & Kidney£2.20
Sausage Rolls (Wrights)£1.15
Beef or Pork Patties (made to order)£1.00
Meat & Potato Pie with pastry crust - 6 portion tray (made to order)£10.95 per tray