Barbecue sausagesIt’s barbecue time again so why not try our
burgers and grillsticks in various flavours,
marinated meats and of course
our famous sausages
to sizzle on your barbecue!



GrillsticksOur spicy lamb grillsticks and pork grillsticks
come in various flavours.
Peppered Steak, Barbecue,
Chinese, Tikka and Hot & Spicy.



Barbecue burgerVarious Burgers on sale.
Beef, Chilli Beef,
American Chargrill,
Pork & Apple,
Lamb & Mint,
Kofta Lamb.


KebabsAll meats marinated –
chicken, pork, beef and lamb
at competitive prices,
made on our premises
from top quality local meats.